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The world is Yinoth.

The year is 5788 AFT

( A fter the F all of T echnology )…..

That’s how long it’s been since the fall of technology, a nuclear-fire-induced ravaging of the planet, causing magic to return. Opening massive holes in the fabric of reality, that level of destruction literally dragged magic back into the world; of the few areas of the planet left untouched, and thus non-magical, most are located near an island fabled to exist in the deep western waters of the Ocean of the World, an island known as only as ‘Rhiannon’. Few have ever heard of this place, fewer still have ever returned from there…
One of the hardest-hit areas was what is now the Known World; the land stayed much the same, it was the flora and fauna (including men and beasts) that changed..
Virtually over-night (well, over the course of a few dozens of years, really) man had transformed into the current multitude of humanoid races, all pitifully few in number, pitted against all that a magically unnatural world, and each other, could throw at them.

Over the course of the last five thousand years or so, the various races have fought, allied, mixed and even prospered, despite the actions of the Old Gods, led by a most evil creature, the greatest of the black dragons, Tharizdun.
These huge, ancient Wyrms were the strongest, but by no means the only, magical race to be pulled to this world and were able to virtually take over this world for almost three thousand years, using the inhabitants as food, sport and worshippers; they were aided by their progeny, the Dragons, who ultimately resisted them and banished them to another plane, but that’s a whole other story…
The Known World seems to be in an uneasy time of peace, relative prosperity and watchfulness, as neighbouring Empires and City-States watch each other warily, wondering when the next ‘event’ will happen, and to whom…

Current Events include:

…A long-running but recently-concluded, and apparently very one-sided, war between the Wild Elves of the lower Syndelar Forest and the Imperial Hob-Goblin Empire for control of a large slice of said forest, has resulted in a strategic cease-fire while the Hob-Goblins are busy harvesting the section of forest they have gained, all the while on-guard against further actions by the Wild Elves. Of course, they are Wild Elves…

…In the north, the little-known race of Bearmen have recently started trading with the city-state of Solace, bringing with them exotic and rare furs and the rarest of herbs, while taking incredibly large shipments of various metals northwards to their frozen homelands.
Strangely, outsiders, or Gr’shik are discouraged from visiting and only ships of Kolos are allowed to land in Brrak’gra (land of white), others being turned away with prejudice, often leading to damage to ship and crew. Travellers are well advised to steer clear of these folks in their own back yard!

…Currently, in the Cairn Hills, Hill Giants and Ogres have been banding together into formidable war-bands, perpetrating many violent and effective assaults against the Dwarven forces of Kaz Uldun. Dwarven deserters and stragglers from the Ogre and Giant ranks have been seen assaulting travellers on both roads into Horvassar, leading to many goods shortages for the city.

…The city of Horvus has recently seen a sudden rise in adventurer-types, intent on the exploration of the Horvus Swamp, presumably following the tales of a lost temple filled with riches said to be found in the center. Recent rumors of a lost or crashed Elven airship have sprung up of late, adding to the influx of adventurers, treasure hunters and general misfits of all sorts.

…The Southern Hills have have long been a haven for bandits, both human and not, that have raided the Coast Road with seeming impunity. An organizing force has recently surfaced, apparently guiding the disparate groups, making them more dangerous than ever in recent years.

…The Blessed Hob-Goblin Republic has just signed a major trade-agreement with the Grey Elves of the central Syndelar Forest, beginning active, open, trading with each other; it is well known that they both intend on turning on each other again eventually, but which side will break first?

…Meanwhile, in the north, the Snow Elves are suspected to be plotting some evil, as evidenced by increasingly violent attacks on and across the border they share with the Grey Elves; the strength of these attacks having steadily increased over the last few years, which some believe could be leading up to something big and decidedly deadly in scope…

…According to a long-held local tradition, twin cities Vespa and Eunak are set to have their well-known quad-yearly Mayoral Fishing Contest, where-in the winner is granted the position of Mayor of both cities for four years, and the losers are sent to one of the many far-flung Forts in the realm.
The reason for the fishing contest is the up-and-coming repeat of the 44 year cycle of near ruinous destruction, caused by the Gargantuan Reptile that enters Kolos Straight and heads straight for the mid-point of the twin cities, bringing with him a wall of water over 200 feet high!
It is believed that he is heading for his mate, a very large and ornery example of her species to be sure, who inhabits Beast Valley in the Tezar’ctan Jungle, as reported by soldiers from the aptly-named Fort Beastwatch.
Thus begins a new cycle of incursions from their progeny; hundreds of ravenous, 15ft tall reptilian hunters, banded into packs of up to 30 at a time, are due to come boiling out of the area; definitely worth avoiding if you can!

…In the Althasian Desert, wandering Wemics have been seen, heading towards ‘civilization’.
When questioned, they have proven surly, depressed and generally untalkitive; due to a little-known tradition among Wemic clans, any who leave the clan are exiled from the lands the clan claims as its own.

…The Temple of the Blood Moon will once again offers its particular services to the world at large, even though the Immortal Bodyguards, the Haruchai, can prove to be ridiculously expensive to obtain. The Temple Elders invite all interested parties to The Blood Isle for further discussion.

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